Gomez is energetic when fight for his position

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Liverpool centre-back Joe Gomez is energetic when fight for his position has at least 5-6 quality players who have to break out the best performance to compete for just two quota-per-game starters. Pointing out that pushing each other out will help throttle personal form and create full benefits for the agency.

Gomez , Matip and Fernando Gil Van Dyke recovered from long injury seasons ago , Ibrahim Mama Kona Dante is a replay when a young man Nathanson Real Phillip Island . Reese Williams or Billy ‘s METI’s the manager . the team Jurgen Klopp with Choice of up to seven people.  

It was the fierce competition that the noble defenders saw as a challenge. Ready to throttle the potential to tie the boss’s heart  

” In my opinion, competing for a place in the team is part of being at a top club, “ he told LFC TV and ufabet

“ This is what suits this club. we all accept The competition is good. and it’s helpful Everyone can learn from each other. I think each of us is different. And we have a high level of quality. ”

“ Of course having players like Reese , Nat , Billy and the others are all at a high level. It’s good for this season. ”

The 24- year-old has also praised his partner in the latest game , Konate, for his outstanding potential, either the shaft or the pace.

“’ Ibu ‘ is an elite player, he is excellent and immediately adapted to our style of play. Of course, sometimes it is very intense. But we have every feature to cope with it. in my opinion. ”

Gomez also concluded the season to start the game away in Norwich. That everyone is ready for the pre – season warm-up tight and I am firm.