3 ways to make your hair straight No need to stretch, no need to pinch

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3 ways to make your hair straight No need to stretch, no need to pinch, not fluffy, but straight, soft and smooth.

Want to change frizzy hair? Make your hair soft and straight. Today we have 3 ways to make your hair straight without straightening it  to share! It’s a simple way. You can do it yourself at home. Without having to rely on chemicals from hair straighteners! Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

How to make your hair straight and not frizzy

1. Blow your hair with cool air.

     Change your hair drying with hot air to cool air. It will help make our hair look straighter. After washing your hair, It is recommended that you let your hair dry and damp. naturally first Then start drying your hair with cool air. Starting from the base of the hair to the tip of the hair. And we recommend drying it about 6 inches away from our hair. Including while drying, we recommend using a comb or our hands to help. It will make your hair straighter.

2. Use products that make your hair straight.

     Choosing hair products Whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, mask, spray, serum or other products. If you want to nourish your hair to make it straight and smooth. It is recommended to choose products that have specific properties that help straighten hair. Because choosing the right product for our needs will help nourish our hair to get more results. And in addition to washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner as usual. It is recommended to supplement your skin care with masks, serums, or various oils. It will help well. Especially after drying your hair with cool air until it’s dry. Use oil or natural oils like coconut oil or other oils that has properties that help make hair straight Nourishing the hair area can help reduce frizz quite well.

3. Wrap your hair overnight.

     Wrapping hair or wrapping hair in a cloth before going to bed and leaving it overnight until morning. This method is another popular method for foreign influencers. Thai girls like us must try to follow this. Waking up will help make our hair straighter and softer. After we have finished washing our hair, nourishing our hair, and drying our hair with cool air. We use a cloth to wrap our hair. Who doesn’t know how to do it? You can follow the clip that we have posted below.

Using a hair straightener with a comb Helps make the hair straighter. Compared to using a normal flat hair straightener It also helps straighten your hair quickly. Thus helping to reduce hair loss as well. Most importantly, it is recommended to use an electric hair straightener that emits negative ions. Because it helps eliminate static electricity. This makes the hair black, shiny and not frizzy.