Raphael Varane has revealed it is the right time to move to Old Trafford

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New Manchester United defender Raphael Varane has revealed it is the right time to move to Old Trafford. As it faced a new challenge.

Varane has enjoyed great success with Real Madrid over the years. Before moving to Manchester United for a fee of 42 million pounds and have a chance to meet the field Southampton On Sunday, August 22 

The France national team defender opened up: “I think this transfer is a good and appropriate moment for a number of reasons, most importantly that I have found new challenges. It’s the motivation to play in a high-level league with a club like Manchester United.”

“It’s an incredible feeling for me. So I chose this for myself and my family. They came here with me too. You will surely feel that moments like these are the best times. and the most appropriate”

Manchester United have been interested in Varane since he first appeared in France’s Lens a decade ago. The fortress behind the red banner said that “There have been many rumors about me and Manchester United since 2011 when Sir Alex Ferguson came to my mother’s house.

“When it actually happened That’s when I talked to the club. And I feel it is an important opportunity to play in the Premier League with Manchester United.”