Bruno Lach doesn’t want to sell Ruben Neves.

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Bruno Lach Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Confirmed that. The club has no idea to release midfielder Ruben Neves out of the team. But if getting a large sum of money is also difficult to refuse.

         The Portugal international has been linked with Manchester United again. With media speculating that the club are ready to negotiate a price of 35 million pounds. Although Bruno Lach insists he does not want to sell Ruben Neves. UFABET But if the offer is sometimes high hard to refuse.

         “When you want to take the next step and every time you sell the best players on the team. The next step is not going to happen.” Lach said. “We are here with our projects and ideas – that’s everyone, the chairman, the director of football and the manager.”  

         “The main point is to continue with the same players. Try to develop them and take them to the next level.”

         “But you know this form of football. If a big offer comes in – I can compare it to when I was at Benfica and someone pays €120 million for a single player (Joao Felix) – you can’t refuse.

         “Or you can reject it. But you have to balance it. Do you earn money and use it to improve the team or do you keep doing it with the same players?”