Fermented foods are good for health, care for the intestines

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Anyone who hears the word fermented foods usually thinks of preserving food with salt. Or a lot of sugar. Sodium is high. The taste is sweet and salty. How can it be good for health ?

But healthy fermented foods do exist. And many people know each other well too. So, ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app let’s go see what’s there. 

1. Khao Mak

Thai food has been with Thai people for a long time. Many people like to eat it, but many people shy away from it. But if you know that betel nuts contain both yeast and mold that help digest starch into sugar. Until it becomes this mild alcohol during the process of making rice betel. causing the emergence of healthy bacteria It is a probiotic that helps nourish blood circulation. Especially with women To help women who are cold Back to having a warm and strong body. This time, the betel nuts will definitely be bought by many women.

2. Fermented beans

Who is a fan of Japanese food? Fermented soybeans may be known as “ natto .” The microorganisms in fermented soybeans help improve the function of the stomach. To help digest food more easily It also helps reduce bloating and bloating.

3. Kimchi

Red pickled vegetables are the main side dish of Korean food. I don’t eat it to cut the fat. Or is it only food preservation? Kimchi  ‘s variety of vegetables helps add vitamins to the body. It also improves digestion efficiency. Contains probiotics that help nourish the intestines And it is one of the foods that are very high in probiotics, or just as good as yogurt.

When talking about yogurt that health lovers like to eat, it is said that Don’t forget that yogurt can also be considered a fermented food. Because there are microorganisms that are good for the body That is caused by the process of making yogurt that occurs naturally. Therefore, don’t misunderstand that fermented foods are harmful to your health. If it’s not salty pickling, then sweet pickling can be an incredibly healthy food as well.