Doctors warn “gum disease” to treate quickly

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Doctors warn “gum disease” to treate quickly before you lose your teeth.

People with gingivitis periodontitis It is one of the oral diseases that should not overlook. Recommend seeing a dentist for treatment. If left untreated, the tooth may eventually need to extract. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Causes of gum disease

Dr. Somsak Akkasin, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, said gum disease is one of the oral diseases that should not overlook. Gum disease is cause by bacteria in plaque. Causes inflammation of the gums. and surrounding periodontal tissue that helps support teeth causing loose teeth eventually leading to tooth loss Therefore, you should maintain good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth clean and see a dentist regularly

Gingivitis and periodontitis

Dentist Amnat Likhitkulthanaporn, Director of the Dental Institute, Department of Medical Services, added that Gum disease is divide into two types based on severity: gingivitis and periodontitis.

  • Gingivitis It is cause by bacteria in plaque causing inflammation only in the gum area. This causes the gums to have symptoms. That can observe as follows:
  • The gums are dark red. 
  • Red, swollen gums 
  • Brush your teeth and it bleeds easily. 
  • Have bad breath

With proper treatment, gums can revert to their original state; if left untreated, it can lead to periodontitis. 

  • periodontitis Destruction of the periodontal ligament and subsequent dissolution of the bone in the tooth socket occur. By the first symptoms of the disease, patients usually do not feel pain or pain. But when the disease becomes more severe, the following symptoms may occur:
  • swollen gums with pus
  • Loose teeth 
  • long protruding teeth 
  • Chewing food hurts 

However, these teeth often cannot save. and was removed because there was already extensive destruction of the tooth socket bone Therefore, you must constantly observe the condition of your mouth. 

How to prevent gum disease

  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least 2 times a day. 
  2. Clean between your teeth with dental floss. Or brush between your teeth at least once a day regularly. 
  3. avoid smoking
  4. You should see a dentist for an oral health check and scaling every 6 months.